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Reasons for Remand - M.D.N.C.

Published by David Paletta

Social Security Disability Appeals REMANDED 
in the United States District Court 
for the Middle District of North Carolina
January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2013

DISCLAIMER.  It is not possible to accurately synthesize the reason for remand into a sentence or two.  I have done the best I can.  However, clearly the best way to understand the reason for remand is to read the entire Decision.  You may access the Decision by clicking on the Case name below.

Successful Appeals  -  Reasons for Remand

(1)   Substantial evidence did NOT support ALJ's decision (8 cases).
(2)   ALJs findings contradictory and ambiguous (3 cases).
(3)   Remand due to new evidence (2 cases).
(4)   ALJ relied on Grids when there was a nonexertional impairment (2 cases).
(5)   ALJ failed to resolved conflict between VE's testimony and DOT (1 case).


         Judge  Reason for Remand
    1.   McClendon v. Astrue
       Sharp/Beauty  2
    2.   Nelson v. Astrue
       Auld  2
    3.   Dickerson v. Astrue 
    4.   Jones v. Astrue
       Auld     1 
    5.   Chambers v. Astrue
 1 & 2 
    6.   Hayes v. Colvin
    7.   Weaver v. Colvin
       Webster 1 & 5 
    8.   Huffman v. Colvin
    9.   Boler v. Colvin
1 & 4 
  10.  Wilson-Coleman v. Colvin

  11.  Cobb v. Colvin
  12.  Melvin v. Colvin 
1 & 3